Medical Transcription Outsourcing

Chart Dynamics provides accurate, secure, and easy to use internet based medical transcription outsourcing. Our Job Management System (JMS) software enables you to quickly upload and submit dictation files for transcription, track jobs in process, and download completed reports right from your computer or PDA.

We are committed to identifying and securing the most talented and cost effective medical transcription resources available worldwide. Outsourcing your transcription needs to Chart Dynamics enables you to save time, money, and space while being confident in meeting your medical transcription needs.

Service Highlights:
Easy to use web based job tracking and management
  Choice of US and Global transcription processing
  4 hour turn around time option
  Pay as you go scalable service
  Customizabler report templates
  EMR solution integration
  Integrated telephone dictation system

Medical Transcription Service Details

EMR Solution Consulting & Integration

Chart Dynamics is your partner in leveraging today’s digital information technology. Our engineers and IT Professionals are here to help you make the right EMR decisions and to assist you in solution implementation and system integration. Give us a call and find out how we can be of service to you.

Data Archiving

Concerned about data security, integrity, and access? Chart Dynamics is developing solutions addressing the full digital information life cycle, from information capture to secure medical record archiving, retrieval, and data termination. Let us know how we can help you manage your digital information better.

To learn more about Chart Dynamics’ services, email us at

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